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Zurich Attractions

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Zurich at twilight
Zurich Attractions

Party at night is cool but during the day, it would be highly advisable to spend your day in different top and famous tourist destinations in Zurich. Tourist’s destinations are usually in the form of churches that have a very important worth, graves of the famous people who contributed something in different fields, and also museums that house objects that are treasured in this city.

1. The Chinese Garden
This city is providing a water supply and drainage assistance to another city named Kunming. As a token of appreciation, Kunming gave this Chinese Garden to Zurich. Visiting this garden will make you feel the royal ambiance of the entire place because of the bridges, water palaces, and the like.

2. Zoo Dolder
One of the Europe’s top zoos is located in this city and is called Zoo Dolder. It has large grounds that give those animals enough space to breathe and to move. And to make them more feel at home, the area is constructed with an ambiance similar to Madagascar.

This city is also flourishing with different museums of different kinds. They are not just displaying different historical artifacts but are also presenting some more interesting specific things. There are also some parks, gardens, and even musical theaters that both young and adult can definitely admire.

3. Kunsthaus (Museum of Fine Arts)
For those who are art enthusiasts, this place is perfect for them to be able to learn and absorb more information about the works of art. All the Western artistic works are in here. The modern paintings and other forms of art work are displayed.

4. Zurich Swiss National Museum
The architectural façade of this museum is influenced by the Victorian era. Everything that is in here is all about the life of the Swiss. All objects displayed in this museum will talk about the religion, art, and other things that will describe the Swiss way of life.

5. Zurich Toy Museum
Children and toy collectors will love this museum. But the toys being displayed in here are not just the ordinary toys but toys that have existed in the history.

6. Belvoir Park
Since this is the largest park in the city, it means that you can have more activities to enjoy and a longer time to stroll around. It is a perfect place to sit down or to take a slow-paced walk if you are tired of the other activities.

7. Opera House
Music and art lovers will enjoy this place. This place was built in the 19th century and is considered to be the popular performance hall. Beautiful musical and stage performance are usually being held in Opera House.

8. Zoological Garden (Zoologischer Garten)
Children as well as the adults are going to enjoy their visit in this zoo. It has a modern ambiance and serves as the home to various exotic creatures. All those creatures are not just from Switzerland but from other parts of the world.

This city is certainly a good place for the entire family. All the places in this city will surely fit different moods and different interests of anyone.

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