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Rethymno Attractions

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Orthodox church in Rethymno
Rethymno Attractions

What to Explore in Rethymno

1. The Venetian Loggia is a well-designed building built in the 16th century. It used to be a Venetian men’s club. It has now been converted to an information office for the culture and archeological museum.

2. The Porta Guora is the entry point to the “Venetian town” of Rethymno.

3. As tourists explore more of the Venetian town in Rethymno, they can explore the Rimondi Fountain, a richly decorated structure found in the central part of the Venetian town, specifically at the Platanos Square. In the course of history, its original builder, A. Rimondi, aimed to build the structure in a desire to provide potable water for drinking for the citizens of the place.

4. The Fortezza Castle is originally a refuge tower built to protect Rethymno from the attacks of pirates and Turks. It is located on the top of a hill named “Palaiokastro” which means “the old castle.” Fortezza interiors have the artillery storeroom, the living quarters of the Councilors and the residence of the Rector. The municipal theatre called “Erofili” is also within the Fortezza’s vicinity. The “Erofili” hosts performances during the Renaissance Festival since it is an outdoor-type of theatre. At the topmost point of the Fortezza, a visitor could get a great view of the city especially in the evening.

5. The Neratzes Mosque is a Catholic church converted to a mosque by the Turks. Today, it is a great tourist spot since it is now made into a music conservatory for performances. The outstanding features of this structure are its doorframe, domes and minaret standing next to the mosque.

6. Kara Mousa Pasa Mosque is an ex-Venetian monastery converted into a mosque. Today it is being used as quarters of the city’s Restoration Board.

7. The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno houses a collection of artifacts and relics from the Neolithic to Roman period, clay figurines, funerary coffers, statues, vases, bronze items, jewelry and many others.

8. The Folklore and History Museum is housed in an old Venetian building with an interior courtyard. It has expansive halls showcasing collections on historical attire or costumes, weaponry and coins, textile, embroidery and lace, basket weaving, ceramics and of course historic photographs and maps.

9. The Municipal Gardens are for people who simply want peace and quiet amidst a scenic backdrop. Many festivities of Rethymno are held in this place such as the annual Wine Festival every beginning of July and a special festival on November, commemorating the destruction of the Arkadi Monastery.

10. Cave of Idaen js one of the most popular tourist attractions in Greece. Greece, on its own, already boasts of interesting caves to explore. But this specific cave is attached to a legend which says that it is the place where the mythical Zeus was raised.

Rethymno is a rich place with great diversity. Indeed, it is a perfect place to relive history and relax a weary soul. With many reasons to enjoy your stay, it would also surely be a place to return to after a great holiday experience.

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