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Rome City Guide

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The Coliseum, Rome
Rome City Guide

Rome is the capital of Italy in the region of Lazio (or Latium). Rightfully called as the Eternal City, the city is a breathless and magnificent splendour--- it provides you with two opposite styles of art juxtaposed in one single city: Imperial Rome and Baroque Rome; the sophisticated side and working class part of Rome.

Rome is situated between the Appenine Mountains and Tyrrhenian Sea, on the River Tiber. The abbreviation ‘SPQR’ is synonymous to the city of rome, which meant ‘Senatos Populusque Romanus’ or in English, ‘The Senate and People of Rome’. Rome served as the administrative hub of the almighty Roman Empire, ruling over a vast area extending from Mesopotamia to Britain. Today, Rome remains as the administrative center of the Italian government and home to most of the ministerial offices. It has a population of around 3,000,000 people.

Generally, months July and August is not a recommended time to visit the Eternal City. These months can get severely hot, so many locals close shop and go on vacation for two weeks to a month. When you travel to Rome during this time, be prepared to see many ‘Chiuso per Ferie’ (which means ‘Closed for Holidays) in shops and business establishments. The best time to visit Rome is during spring and autumn season, when the weather is generally mild and pleasant. November can get cold and wet, with occasional rains, but plenty of tourists still flock over Rome because of peak season.

Rome is home to many cultural events, exhibitions, shows and concerts. Almost every month of the year, one major event takes place, and the city is mostly busy the whole year around. Most events take place in the new Rome Auditorium, a large amphitheater designed by famous architect Renzo Piano. The Rome Auditorium can hold up to 5,000 people. Here are some of the major events you might want to see:

- Roma Europa Festival – an annual celebration that celebrates modern art, theater, music and dance since 1986, which takes place every September to October.

- Roma Jazz Festival – an annual celebration totally dedicated to jazz since 1876. Artists from around the country and around the world all appear to celebrate in the said event. Takes place every October.

- Festival Romics – celebrated every October, this festival celebrates everything comics and cartoons. Famous graphic designers and publishing companies converge every year to celebrate the Festival Romics.

- Donna Sotto le Stelle – Roman event totally dedicated to high fashion and couture. Creations by the hottest fashion designers are being shown on catwalk on the breathtaking Spanish Steps in Piazza di Spagna.

The worst way to get around the city of Rome is by car. It is almost impossible to drive there, roads are narrow and illogical and there are hardly any roads. It is way better to travel by bus or metro.

If you are located in Rome's center, the best means is on foot. Rome streets provide the best pedestrian experiences, and you get a more personal connection with Rome's streets and buildings by walking.

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